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    About 3 weeks ago from Adani&Wolf's Twitter

  • New album ‘Here Comes The Hero’ out now on Chin Chin Records

    Adani & Wolf are proud to announce that their 7th album ‘Here Comes the Hero’ has been released! The successful and satisfying collaboration between kindred spirits Chinchin records and the AmsterDandies continues.

    There are many things uncertain in life, but about one thing we can be pretty sure: the inspirational source of Roberto Adani and Daniel Wolf is not going to be dried up any time soon. The musical well from which the Audionauts have been drawing their inspirations and brainwaves was once again filled abundantly with fruitful aural wealth, resulting in a record that is displaying lots of musical prosperity!

    A wide range of rich multilayered arrangements; filled with strong and distinct grooves, deep warm bass lines and guitars, touching and rousing vocals, everything coated with the warmest blanket of Rhodes and Wurlizer pads, shimmering strings and dub drenched electronics.

    The new tracks are showing a perpetual display of curiosity and drive; the continuous mission to combine, to fuse and to amalgamate. Looking as always admiringly into the past and into the future.

    But…there is something else about this album too…the music has this sense of liberty to it, it oozes a special kind of vibe; it’s the distinctive vibe of freedom that has trickled down into the music due to the fact that Adani & Wolf have been brewing sonic cocktails in their soundlab for the world for over 20 years. That long musical journey has taught them one important lesson, something that has become their motto: if you make what you love, people tend to love what you make.

    So there it is: the new Adani & Wolf album – ‘Here Comes the Hero’, what a perfect way to enter the new Roaring Twenties!