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  • April 11th: Who’s Afraid of Adani&Wolf live

    Here we go again!

    This week, Friday april 11, Who’s Afraid of Adani&Wolf will go live again inThe North Sea Jazz Club. 

    SublimeAWNSJC logo3The line-up for this 3rd edition is pretty spectacular! Susanne Alt on sax and flute. This amazing musician has played with Fred Wesley of James Brown and Parliament of George Clinton. And now with Adani&wolf! On vocals, requested by many, the fanstastic Miss Bunty. And, as a very special guest the legendary saxophonist Hans Dulfer (no further introduction required) will add his spicy flavour to the already hot Friday Night Out! Who’s Afraid of Adani&Wolf live is presented by Sublime FM.

    On a ‘Who’s Afraid of Adani&Wolf’ night, the Groove Musketeers themselves take place behind the turntables, spinning those fine and rare tunes (lots of them created by themselves), but will also grab an instrument (Rhodes, Hammond, harmonica, melodica, guitar, etc.) when they feel like it.

    But every night they will also feature a couple of super solo musicians to venture into their musical expedition with them, add their specific flavour and thus lifting the music higher and higher and so creating an exciting mix of organic live music and great energetic tracks! These musicians can be a saxophone player, a trumpet player, a lead vocalist, a percussionist or any musicians Adani&wolf can get their hands on!

    One other feature of the evening is worth mentioning: ‘Who’s Afraid of Adani&Wolf’ is not ‘your average day’ jazz concert, it’s much more a total sensory experience. The last thing Adani&wolf want to do, is to create a physical and mental gap between them and the fans. That’s why they are getting of the stage and into the crowd with their whole setup, thus diminishing the distance between the listener and performer, resulting in a stronger energetic and creative blend between them.

    ‘Who’s Afraid of Adani&Wolf’ live: highly energetic music combined with the organic intensity and drive of live musicians!