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    Adani&Wolf are very into movies. Especially those with identifiable moods and spheres coming from early era’s like the fifties, but most of all (how surprisingly ) the sixties and seventies.
    Movies with exquisite and strong director/composer combinations like Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone, Fellini versus Nino Rota , Louis Malle with Miles Davis , have not only been top favorite but also gave an important musical influence on the Adani&Wolf carrier.

    Listed below we see some samples of Adani&Wolf favorite movies categorized by genre :

    Film noir:

    • Touch of Evil: Orson Welles (1958)
    • Sunset Blvd: Billy Wilder’s (1950)
    • The Big Sleep: Howard Hawks (1946)
    • The Third Man: Carol Reed (1949)
    • The Malthese Falcon: John Huston(1941)

    Post/neo film noir:

    French film noir/Nouvelle Vague:

    Cinema Italiano/ Spaghetti Westerns: