• A huge thank you to all our fans! So great to know that our music keeps on reaching you! pic.twitter.com/Woy3…

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    • Adani & Wolf will play at L’Instant Jazz à Grabels
      Adani & Wolf will play at L’Instant Jazz à Grabels Adani & Wolf are proud and happy to announce that they will perform as a headline at the famous L’Instant Jazz à Grabels festival on july 8 2022. This Festival will take place in Ville the Grabels, near Montpellier. They will be on stage with a great line-up, featuring the […]
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    Adani&Wolf are very into movies. Especially those with identifiable moods and spheres coming from early era’s like the fifties, but most of all (how surprisingly) the sixties and seventies.

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    There are many ways to define the music of Adani&Wolf. One particular way is to look at the specific sonic world Adani&Wolf create on their albums.

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    With Adani&Wolf its not only about the music. Its more than that. Adani&Wolf stands for a feeling, a vibe, a way of living. That means that on many aspects of this vibe Adani&Wolf have strong and specific tastes and opinions.

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    The music of Adani&Wolf have always been a combination of the soulful, funky, jazzy and psychedelic vibes of the sixties and seventies and the chill-out, indie, electro dance spirit of the present.

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