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  • Adani&Wolf on Air

    Lounge musketeers and downtempo ambassadors Adani&Wolf are on the move again.

    imagesCA6C3TNZStarting this thursday, the 5th of September 2013, Adani&Wolf will be hosting a weekly radioshow on Sublime FM.

    On this radiostation, formerly know as ‘Arrow Jazz’, every week on thusdays between 22.00 and 23.00 hour the music special: “Who”s afraid of Adani&Wolf”, will be broadcasted.

    Adani&Wolf will take the listener on a delightful musical retro futuro trip. On this ‘voyage extraordinaire’ the Electric Dandies will effortlessly weave influences of funk, soul, jazz, dance and swing into a floating musical tapestry. Departing from juicy downtempo breaks ‘n beats, the duo will navigate to swinging jazzy grooves ‘n tunes.

    Often inspiring, tantalising and sometimes just an itsy-bitsy quiant, but it will always  be stamped with the Adani&Wolf quality trademark.