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    Electric Dandy – Download

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    With the CD ‘Electric Dandy’, Adani&Wolf have build a bridge between the future and the past. On their latest studio album the Amsterdam Electric Dandies will take the listener on a retro-futuro trip past orchestral psychedelics, space-age exotica and intergalactic down tempo beats. In this musical time machine influences from Bacharach to Barrett to Bowie are being intertwined into a contemporary exotic universe.

    A colourful troupe of fellow travellers, like saxophonist Benjamin Herman and the New York, Andalucian vocalist Suzette Moncrief, accompany Adani&Wolf on their cosmic trip. Surrealistic ballads as ‘Strange Light’ and ‘A Bird with your Face’ are effortlessly alternated with micro-disco grooves of ‘The Moment ’ or ‘The Oxford Hustle’. Electric Dandy is in every way a perfect marriage between style, music & fashion.


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